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GrandCanyonCelticArts_LogoGrand Canyon Celtic Arts Academy is an organization dedicated to providing education of Celtic Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Academy is project of Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society. It is founded and directed by Kari Barton, president of Living Traditions Presentations and 2012 Viola Award Winner for Music. We are very excited to be entering our sixth year of the Academy!  The Academy will be July 14-18 (children) 15-17 (teens and adults), 2014 on the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy campus.

Our instructors are Shannon Lambert-Ryan, Fíonán de Barra, Cheryl Prashker, David Curely, and Maggie Estes from Runa and Zac Léger from the Brilliant Gypsies. They will be teaching courses in Sound Production, Flute, Whistle, Fiddle, Guitar, Bodhrán, Tenor Banjo/Mandolin, Irish Dance (Step and Ceili), Singing, Auxiliary Percussion, Bouzouki, and Irish Language. Beginning classes are offered in Whistle, Bodhrán, Auxiliary Percussion, Language, and Dance. We are offering a children’s week for the first time this year for children ages 7-12. They will get to learn fiddle, whistle, dance, language, percussion, and singing.

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